11 Plus Tuition


11 Plus Tuition provides your son or daughter with approximately 40 weeks of tuition in all subjects that are tested in the grammar school entrance exams here in Trafford. I teach on CEM exams (Trafford Grammar Schools Consortium) and GL Assessment (Loreto and Altrincham Boys' Grammar).


Mathematics: Much of what is needed will be taught in school. However, there may be gaps in their learning which I can fill in and make sure that each child is well-versed in all aspects of maths. Sometimes, it is a matter of confidence when maths is weak. I can help build confidence in the subject and prove to all children that maths can be fun!

Verbal Reasoning (CEM): This is a subject where many children can struggle. Comprehension is not liked by a great deal of children, and it is tested differently to the way they will be used to in school. Then, there is also the need of a wide and varied vocabulary. A good reader will have a wide vocabulary, so get your child reading books: fiction or non-fiction, any will do. 

Verbal Reasoning (GL): This is a subject that applies mathematical reasoning to words and language. It tests a child's ability to look at words in isolation (outside of sentences) and understand basic meaning. It uses codes and number sequences to test logic. It can be learned and practised quite easily.

Non-verbal Reasoning: This type of test is all about seeing patterns and then working with them. It tests the child's logic and speed at completing puzzles. It uses no words or numbers. Most children enjoy these tests.

English (GL): The English test comprises of two parts: comprehension and spelling/grammar/word choice. A good grasp of comprehension, a wide vocabulary, and the ability to spot spelling and punctuation mistakes are required for this exam.